Caricature Entertainment & Laughter Therapy Services


It’s a Spectator Sport
2 minute Sketches, Strolling or Seated

Having a caricature drawn imprints those minutes for a lifetime. It makes for lively entertainment and gives insight and a memory that will make a lasting and a positive impact.

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Speaking Engagements

Event Sketches, Workshops, and Team Building

Incorporate Caricature or Live Art with YOUR message and goals to make your Business Meeting or Conference a learning experience filled with art and laughter.

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Business, Family and Pet Portraits

Honor a colleague, celebrate family, or illustrate a message or stor;y.  Intensely personal, whimsical, always appreciated.  Creatively interpret your message through art.

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7-09headArt and Humor Work!  It connects people emotionally and logically.   A creative workshop will inspire and communicate nearly every imperative in a meaningful and engaging way.

Add a sprinkle of humor, a dash of laughter and you start a positive relationship that will last.  Do it over again, and over again, and you are cooking up an audience and event that is energized!


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