Therapeutic Humor

There is Healing in Caricatures because there is laughter in it.  


When pen is put to paper to reflect the best a person could be, or incorporates the things that they enjoy, or love, they laugh.  At themselves.  With others.  You imagine what you want to be…and a caricature gives you that gift.  Drawing something funny, and illustrating impossible situations in a personal way can make a child belly laugh as they see Dad as a puppet or as balloon on their string. Someone who has lost the ability to play, or imagine themselves enjoying life, may not hear the words, but perhaps the art can help them “picture” it.  Caricature and a comedic presentation together will make a cocktail of therapeutic humor that will help your patient heal.

Has your Doctor written a prescription for Caricature?

There is new research everyday about how humor aids in the healing of body and mind. Humor reduces stress and laughter helps with pain management. It is good for the immune system, and can be as good as exercise in lowering cholesterol.  An athlete described that she uses distraction to increase her pain tolerance – it seems the brain cannot process both messages from the nervous system at the same time… Google it.  I am not in the medical profession, but what I do makes people smile, then laugh, and at the very least distracts from the pressures, disappointments and pain of life.  Caricature by reputation can be the dark side of humor – and with some people, that is where we start… but when an artist incorporates optimism, and has a philosophy of building up, rather than tearing down, magic happens.

Let’s plan a strategy together.

Improve Social Connections with your Employees. 

Getting and keeping the attention of a group is challenging, Making them remember what they learned even more so. Many talks start with a joke, a funny narrative, or something that surprises. Why?

A community that laughs together, bonds.  We have an emotional memory.  We may not remember names or data, but we do remember how we felt and where we are when something significant happens. A Wedding, a Birth, 9-11, and…a caricature.  Trust me, getting drawn for the first time is significant. It is even memorable a second and third time around. Watching someone get drawn can burn an indelible memory.  Twenty years after the fact I have had people tell me where they met me, what we talked about and how it made them feel all.. in the 3 minute span it took to create their personal sketch. It is affirming. Caricature can be the opening act to improving your corporate culture.











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