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I wasn’t upset about it a bit, not at all, but then, that was because I was unaware of what had gone missing. It’s an ADD thing.

My curmudgeon of a dog, Tank had pushed out the unlatched back door and run off…again. Aaargh….WHY? we had just been on a 1.5 mile trail walk/run. When? Who knew? – I had been in the back room.

Upon opening the front door to go find him I was brought up short… there he was – looking in and innocent. And someone was with him. Oh my, returning him…how sweet…how embarrassing.

But it was much worse, the humiliation that is…My negligence was not as bad with the dog as it apparently was with keeping important documents secure.

This good samaritan had taken the time to return TWO (substantial amount) checks written to me that she had found on the Trail. Yes, they were mine – but how did she find my address? Fortunately one check was a company check that had my address printed on it (a past a due payment from a client that I had been trying to get for 6 months.) The other was a typical of many of the checks I get for my Caricature work… a personal check – and did not.

The good samaritan wouldn’t accept a reward, nor would she give me her whole name…just Carol, but making light conversation I asked where she worked.

They say God is near to the Simple. I believe it. No, I know it.

Note to ADD self…
Deposit Checks NOW, not later.
Get on google. Find a company address.
Get lots of Chocolate and a Card…To the Amazing Carol in the publishing/graphics dept.
No more back pocket banking – ever.

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