Caricatures as Therapeutic Humor

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Drawing caricatures, with the aim of providing therapeutic humor for those in long term care facilities, is a thrilling adventure. Really?  It is an artistic and social challenge to interface with those struggling with health and cognitive issues, in what society perceives as their least photogenic stage of life. Can a caricature interaction be therapeutic and… Read more »

Laughter Physics

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Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction…especially laughter, and or a smile. Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction…especially laughter, and or a smile.  Laughter Physics is basedSir Isaac Newton’s third law of Physics  – propulsion, and one that is very important to space flight and in  – emotional levity. Here’s how it… Read more »

Social Skills My Parrot Taught Me

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My African Grey Parrot makes me laugh. And she makes me crazy. But Jazz has all the social skills I need to practice that will make my interactions with friends better and help reduce stressful situations. Anything you say might be repeated, so be kind. Just because someone wants you to talk, doesn’t mean you have to. Looking at… Read more »

Back Pocket Banking – it’s an ADD thing

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I wasn’t upset about it a bit, not at all, but then, that was because I was unaware of what had gone missing. It’s an ADD thing. My curmudgeon of a dog, Tank had pushed out the unlatched back door and run off…again. Aaargh….WHY? we had just been on a 1.5 mile trail walk/run. When?… Read more »

Judge Phillip Trompeter – Retirement Caricature

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Years ago, Judge Phillip Trompeter helped the daughter of a friend of mine. He gave her some tough love, and today she is married, studying nursing and has two children of her own and doing well.  He played a big part in it. This was one of those Retirement Caricature commissions that I really wanted to… Read more »

Humor Me and Win a Free Caricature!

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When drawing Caricatures at an event, there are good ones…and bad ones at every gig, resulting usually in one of two responses: I Love my Caricature!  I Hate my Caricature. I’m often stunned that most have a hardwired memory (akin to a major life event ie, their marriage day or 911) of where they were… Read more »

Winston Churchill, Fear and Humor

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Am I afraid to start? Or am I “exploring my options”.  I’ve  talked big and have a hundred ideas and directions to go…it’s time to deliver something meaningful. I am battling the disease of distraction – which swings the attention away from my list (YES, I have a list!) that is essential to reaching the… Read more »

“Some Caricature Artist vs. Freedom of Speech”

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Can a caricature make a positive difference in someone’s perception of themselves?  It would seem a contradiction to allow one’s features to be exaggerated and possibly open themselves up to ridicule about physical characteristics they may have been teased about unmercifully in the jungles of middle school insensitivity.  I had to redraw this caricature –… Read more »