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My African Grey Parrot makes me laugh. And she makes me crazy. But Jazz has all the social skills I need to practice that will make my interactions with friends better and help reduce stressful situations.

Anything you say might be repeated, so be kind.

Just because someone wants you to talk, doesn’t mean you have to.

Looking at something upside down might change your attitude, perspective or give you more information.

A cheerful Hi when someone enters the room will set a positive tone for any conversation following.

If you ruffle someone’s feathers, they may bite you.

Take baths often and rinse thoroughly.

If you say “I love you” loud and often you are more likely to get a peanut.

If you’re bored – whistle. Scary Loud Noises can be handled better if you whistle.

Any mess will be cleaned up…eventually.

When you’re not cleared for take-off you may crash into something.

Ground travel is safer than flying off the handle.

If you take my eggs away-no big deal…I’ll just keep laying them.

If you’re in BIG trouble, it’s best to shriek for help.

To make more friends, listen intently then speak their language.

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