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miami-dudeCan a caricature make a positive difference in someone’s perception of themselves?  It would seem a contradiction to allow one’s features to be exaggerated and possibly open themselves up to ridicule about physical characteristics they may have been teased about unmercifully in the jungles of middle school insensitivity.  I had to redraw this caricature –

Why? They told me to make him a cheerleader…but didn’t want the skirt.

We want to see how others see us, and we want them to “engage” with us – react… no one does a selfie and puts it in a drawer –  they post it…the best one, the funniest one, the one that makes an impression or cause a reaction.  For some of us, we avoid it – it is uncomfortable and we don’t want to allow others an opportunity to confirm our fears that WOW – you really do have big ears, it exposes a part of us, we don’t want public.  For others it’s like brushing their teeth…no big deal. Perhaps making others laugh, at their own expense, is worth the price.

Most take a chance with this artist, and sit down, and I can choose.  To exercise an artistic freedom of expression to exaggerate to the extreme regardless of their feelings and just draw…becoming just “some terrible caricature artist who drew them” or to engage in a dialogue that invites them to share in the creative process and make a connection with “Kyle Edgell”  so the next time we meet – we both smile.  I always try for the latter. It can be hard making new friends, I’m not going to make it any harder.

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